Social media marketing hacks are important In today’s world, while social media is a place you cannot avoid if you desire to grow and make massive sales. As a marketer and business owner, the importance of social media cannot be overemphasized. Because the higher the number of leads you can generate with your promotions, content, and post, the better it is for you to make sales and achieve your social media goals.

There are 10 social media hacks that help you to achieve these goals. With an estimated 5 billion monthly social media users in the world, your business can get better if you apply the right strategies to create a commanding presence on social media. This article will take you through 10 best social media marketing hacks of 2020, making it possible for you to scale up your social media presence and monetize it. 

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1- Let go the need for perfection

Let’s take it from here; for most brands and marketing campaigns, it must all be perfect. If it is not, it should not be up there for the audience. Most times, you end up not putting up that beautiful idea, that unique thought because it wasn’t so perfect for you. To make the best out of your social media presence, you have to be natural, be the real you. The audience also wants the behind the scene picture of events, choosing to be a perfectionist will speak less of your brand.

2- Engage

The number one reason you are on social media is to engage, it is easy to pursue your campaigns and forget about engagements, but this can hurt you. Your followers will get bored and unfollow you when they discover you don’t engage, and often you don’t reply to comments on your post and messages. Ask questions in your post, and engage with your audience, reply to all comments; it builds confidence in the potential customer and speaks positives for your brand. 

3- Put up videos:

Visual is the new gold in social media marketing, so go visual. The raise of IGTV is so impressive, and this tells more of the current reality of our world today, people relate more with videos today than text and contents. Put up videos that speak more about your brand, and it will sell your brand the more, go with infographics as well.

4- Give up on what is not working:

Your best critic for growth on social media is you. Regularly look at your profile and find out your post and videos that have not done well, look at your best performing post, and work in that direction. It simply means that what you have up there on your best performing post is what your clients are interested in, put up these posts the more, and you will see your account grow.

5- Know what your audience wants:

You can easily figure out why your audience follow you from your best performing post(s), knowing this will help you to put up posts that will always get the attention of your audience. The good part of doing this is that it accelerates your social media growth.

6- Keep up with your analytics:

Your growth and success in your marketing on social media hinge on how best you use your analytics; you must be able to know your profile growth. This post has attracted this growth for you, and by doing this regularly, you will be more productive on social media as you continue to put up posts and content that meet the needs of your followers.

7- Schedule your social media post:

Posting by yourself all day and week can be tiring, it can take away the fun of social media. The best thing to do is to schedule your post, great tools like Hootsuite can be used to achieve great success in this area. By scheduling your job, you hardly run out of feeds for your followers, and your account remains active at all times. This is one of the proven social media marketing hacks that work wonders.

8- Create memes: 

There should be a balance between work life and fun, most persons lack this balance, and they often want to laugh off the hurdle of the previous day. To keep your followers glued to your account, create a balance for them, and this you can do with memes. Create funny memes that relate to your niche and put them out for your followers; it will keep them engaged and increase your audience. This is a working social media marketing hack you can try out.

9- Go live:

Live videos are a new trend, and not just for the trend. It is the best way to market your brand to your followers. Another advantage that comes with going live on social media is that it builds the followers’ trust, as they know who they are dealing with. Do a free webinar for your followers and go live, asking them to pay for any of your offers before the end of the live video will be a smart way to sell.

10- Use hashtags:

The use of hashtags on social media cannot be overstated. On social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, hashtags are the best sellers. Hashtags give your post visibility and reach; it makes your post go viral, the advantage with hashtags is that it gives you more followers and improves your ranking on social media search. Search for best performing hashtags in your niche and regularly use them by using Ritetag; this will give you a commanding presence on social media and is a proven social media marketing hack.

It is up to you!

With social media, you have excellent exposure for your business and marketing campaign, doing it the right way increases your reach, which is a potential for sales and a massive audience. To scale up your marketing campaign using these proven social media marketing hacks will give you the best results at all times. You can try our services here

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