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Whether you are a manufacturer of products or offering a service, branding is the backbone of your business or services. Brandimic helps you build your brand online and assists you to establish yourself in the competitive market through digital PR, responsive websites, eye-catching logos, and social media marketing. We provide you with different opportunities to explore new areas for your business venture. 


We are your ultimate choice to define your market space through branding. We unleash you through fantastic logos, slogans, attractive tagging, and a distinct color pallet that engages your prospective customers. Also, we design your brand book that specifies every detail in your brand corners, such as Usage Guidelines, Logo Dimensions, Font Typography, Brand Vision, Brand Mission, Brand Values, and even your Stationery. We offer you effective strategy to market your business and spread your products and services content across the networks.

identify your brand identity

The brand strategy starts with uncovering vital information about your business and products. Brandimic gives your brand identity, and for the purpose, we gather your requirements, clear objectives, and understand the meaning behind your business. We provide you with a strategic direction and identity that is in aligning with your goals and clients, requirements.

eye catching logos

Your brand needs recognition. We provide your logo following a creative discovery. We not only design beautiful and eye-catching logos but also develop a brand identity system with colors, typos, and patterns specific to your product branding.

Unique Value Proposition

We provide a unique and engaging value proposition for your products and services. We highlight the best features of your brands. We use the best words to tell about your brand and introduce it to everyone who can vouch for it. We let your clients hear to story and engage with it.

brand memorability

The brand should be memorable. When your clients want to buy a product or service, your brand should be in their hearts. We let you address your audience in the right and simple ways so that they will permanently remember you. The customers look for brands with authentic stories, and we do it.

Social Media Marketing

After tremendous evolution in social media lately, Today’s savvy consumers tend to make purchasing decisions on social media network insights. Brandimic boosts your social media presence through fresh and curated content to increase your customers’ confidence in your brand. We provide original thought and engagements optimized specially for every social media channel. The result is visible. You have maximum exposure and increased brand awareness that leads to increased traffic to your website.


We craft your brand’s social identity that boosts your business. We use perfect and engaging social persona templates to unleash your social status and give you the utmost social reputability and engagement. We have strategies and tools for this purpose that makes your brand a selling social identity.


Brand awareness is the real goal for all branding strategies. Your brand needs to have a unique communication style and should be consistent in making the people aware about its features. We give your brand a style, point of view, and a personality. We change the tone depending on customers’ needs and audience interests.

Proven social marketing STRATEGIES

We apply the latest and innovative tools and techniques for social media marketing. We are expert advert designers and understand how to promote our clients on social media networks; whether it is a Facebook promotion or Instagram ads and twitter tweets, we know how to make your brand selling on social platforms.


We build a community for you, and we support your target audience for lead generation. We are online 24/7, and in case of any query, we are prompt in responding to the clients. We provide consistent support, whether it’s social media or live chat. We are always here to support our clients.

Web Design

Your Business website should come with a simple, clean, attractive, and user-friendly design. Your business criteria should be reflected on your site. For Big reseller companies, we design your e-commerce website with an uninterrupted payment system to facilitate your customers. Brandimic provides you the perfect website design for your business filed.

elegant UI

Those days are gone when websites were designed with never changing HTML codes. We create web UI design as interactive and responsive to make it engaging and ideal for your branding needs. We apply the best design approaches for this purpose.

fully responsive websites

We design responsive, user-friendly, and attractive landing pages for your website. We assure our clients that sites may be responsive and converting. In today’s scenario, we design a mobile-friendly website to provide a fantastic browsing experience on the go with much lesser loading times.

user friendly navigation

Brandimic creates a delightful user experience for your target sale funnels. Our responsive web design and development service facilitate your clients to access your website from a desktop, laptop, or mobile phone with simple and user-friendly navigation.

post-delivery technical support

Our relation and commitment to performance are long-lasting and consistent. We are in complete contact with you even after the delivery of the project. In case of any fault or break down, you may contact us, and we will provide you with full support to solve the issue on the spot.

Digital PR

We use online marketing strategies to increase your online presence. Through digital PR to give you the maximum exposure across digital networks. We are a team of expert journalists, bloggers, and social influencers who provide you with high-quality backlinks and mentions. We helped our clients in getting coverage on Forbes and Los Angeles Times to get maximum exposure.

Media PR Opportunity Monitoring

We are in constant contact with digital, social, and electronic media channels and do not miss an opportunity to provide you with a lead. We have a system and tools to monitor the activities and give our clients complete insights into the latest developments.

Press release writing & distribution

We write engaging press releases and have a complete system of distribution and publishing of press releases on digital, social, print d electronic media outlets to provide awareness about the latest updates of your offerings, promotions, and product launch.

Proven PR strategies

Our work speaks of our claims. We have a proven track record of innovative and unique PR strategies and campaigns. We know the brand reputation is the foundation stone of a product or service. We have trained and seasoned PR strategists and remain in touch with the latest strategies and invocations.

Pitching stories to online media outlets

We get you to win the audience. We provide fantastic product stories to generate media leads for your brand. We are creative in pitching amazing details about the brands we are boosting. Our team of creative and innovative content developers remains in touch with media outlets to provide you with space.

Additional Services

It is a fact that we provide a wide range of services related to branding, digital marketing, and content distribution. In addition to traditional marketing services, we provide additional services as we cover all aspects of marketing your business and provide you with traffic wherever your target audience exists. For this purpose, we somehow go beyond the limits, and you cannot say that we have left a marketing strategy and plan unaddressed. We are versatile, and this fact motivates us to open new doors for you and explore the areas where your competitors have no reach.

Video animation

Video animation is now a part of marketing strategies. There are video networks like YouTube and others where you need to post the video. Videos have a far-reaching effect on your perspective. We can design animated videos and use them as a marketing tool.

Email marketing

Your clients want to hear more than you expect. You may use email campaigns to maximize your reach and give a boost to your brand. We build your email list, targeting your potential leads based on their interest and execute the email marketing campaigns. We craft proper messages for your business.

content marketing

Content marketing is an innovative way to cast your brand awareness and increase your target audience to generate the customers for you through organic traffic that is relevant to your business. We optimize the content for these who are searching for your products or services.

web hosting and cloud storage

We offer our clients a fully working hosting web service. We also provide you with cloud storage on our private servers to secure your data. For this purpose, we have perfect cloud storage software and tools. Our web hosting is reliable and affordable, with no hidden charges.

We are more than you think. Do you want us to be your marketing experts? Get started now!

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