We are always seeking new clients. Big companies hired us to market their brands. We are always committed to support our clients with the complete support that they need. We offer our digital marketing services at an affordable rate.

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We gave exposure to the number of happy clients on Forbes, Los Angeles Times, and other media outlets, and today, they are market leaders. There are hundreds of returning clients that hire us again and again due to our reliable and expert services.

Apollo Foundation

Apollo foundation established in 2018 with a great goal, which is to achieve the ultimate privacy for every user. Apollo has succeeded in exceeding expectations and reaching its goals at an incredible time as they raised 50$ million in funding. The Apollo coin is one of the fastest cryptocurrencies in the world and offers a lot of services to users in one place.


Menapay is the first blockchain-based financial system in the Middle East and North Africa. Menapay has successfully raised an estimated $ 5 million in funding rounds to create an integrated digital payment system that works on mobile phone systems. The application allows users to conduct electronic cash transactions with a transfer cost of no more than $ 1

Hurghada Museum

Hurghada Museum considered the first archaeological museum in the Red Sea Governorate in Egypt. The museum contains glimpses of Egyptian civilization since the earliest ages, through ancient Egypt, the Greek era, the Roman, the Islamic era, and up to the modern era.

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Many successful brands in the market got immense growth with our help and rebranding suggestions. We modified their routes and provided new directions for their businesses.

 Apollo Foundation




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