Getting media coverage for Menapay in cryptocurrency outlets in 6 different languages

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Getting media coverage for Menapay in cryptocurrency outlets around the world

Menapay is the first project to provide financial services by using blockchain technology in the Middle East. The project was about to start it’s first funding round, and because the confidence between investors and the company is essential, Brandimic was chosen to carry out this task.

The solution:

Craft a pitch that will attract the attention of journalists in cryptocurrency field in 6 different languages

Brandimic team did the following:

1- Writing a distinct pitch that covers all information about the company

2- Collecting data on journalists interested in the project’s field of work

3- Pitch journalists with follow-ups. Answering questions in the case that one of the journalists requested detailed information about the project

4- Indeed, many journalists expressed admiration for the idea and content we were presented to them.

5- Translate the Pitch into six different languages ​​and send it to the journalists to obtain comprehensive coverage of all continents of the world. These languages ​​include English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Slovenian

The result

  • Menapay got coverage by major cryptocurrency outlets such as CCN and Blockonomi and many more.
  • Dunia Al-Watan, Yahoo! Maktoob, and have published articles on Menapay in Arabic

  –  The project was covered on Chinese, Russian, Turkish and Slovenian outlets

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