SEO means search engine optimization. The purpose of SEO tools for business owners cannot be overemphasized. SEO tools foster keyword research, improve website speed, look up your backlink profile, and also optimize your website. Google provides some of the best free SEO tools. One major importance of SEO tools is that it helps boost the web owner’s ranking in search engine results. Some areas that can be analyzed with SEO tools include domain, social media, ranking, backlinks, content, keywords, and provider. 

Search engines link Google and bing are like libraries of the internet. They help people find all that they are looking for online. Every search engine has an algorithm used in turning all the information into useful search results. If you own a website, then search engines matter. When your page has higher rankings, they help more people find you. Search engines account for every word on the web, every title, every link that relates to the subject matter, the terms used in links. A good SEO is about making sure that your website has great content that is supported by the ingredients that search engines need.

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Below are 10 free SEO tools that should be on every small business Radar;

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics makes it possible for you to track what search queries are sending traffic to your website, especially once you connect the Google search console. With Google Analytics, you can measure your top landing pages, search queries, social media activities and more to see what pages are driving traffic and conversations. 

  1. Google search console

this is a service offered by Google that facilitates the maintenance, monitoring, and also troubleshooting of your website in their Google search results. Search console is not a requirement for your site to appear on the organic search result, but it can help you monitor and optimize how Google indexes your website to users. With the aid of Google search console, you can;

  • Learn how Google crawls, indexes, and discovers your page.
  • Fix errors Google finds when crawling your page.
  • Submit updated content to the Google index
  • allow monitoring your search performance trends by queries, countries, pages, and more.

If you own a small business and you run a website, check your search traffic in the performance report and try to understand which queries, pages, and countries are driving most of your traffic.

  1. Google keyword planner

The keyword planner is the best way to find new keywords for your website. They provide the most popular and most relevant keywords that relate to your chosen niche. Google keyword planner also shows the total amount of times the keyword has been looked up by other users as well the total amount of clicks your keyword has gotten so far. 

  1. UberSuggest: 

Neil Patel’s UberSuggest is a free SEO tool that gives its users various information with no charges attached. You can find the top keywords for your site, see search results, it also aids the ability to know the top keywords that will drive more traffic to your website. Initially, UberSuggest was created to scrape Google suggest terms. UberSuggest provides key functions such as; keyword overview, keyword ideas, and also backlinks and domain score.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is a free SEO tool show you how fast or slow your website loads on desktop and mobile devices. With page speed insights, you can find exactly what is slowing your website down and how to fix it. The four major components of Google PageSpeed insights include PageSpeed service, PageSpeed insight, PageSpeed Chrome DevTools extension, and PageSpeed module. The sole purpose of these components is to find the faults associated with the speed (either slow/fast) of the website and adjust them.

  1. GTMetrix

GTMetrix is a free SEO tool that works similarly to Google Page Speed Insights, but it gives you some different information on what to fix for your website so you can improve the speed. Most users are ignorant of the functions of the GTMetrix as they prefer to make use of the PageSpeed insights. The GTMetrix helps to notify the user of the inconsistencies in the speed of the website.

  1. SEO Analyzer

SEO Analyzer will look at your website like Google or other search engines would to help you find any errors or warnings. If your page is slow or if you have an unorganized webpage with errors, you can learn about them with the free SEO Analyzer tool. SEO analyzer is extremely important for all websites, as it helps you know the exact amount of errors stopping your site from meeting up Google standard. The SEO checker/analyzer does not only show the errors but provides measures through which the errors can be fixed. 

  1. Screaming Frog:

 Screaming Frog is an SEO crawling tool with a free and paid version. You can find broken links and duplicate content on your website in addition to Titles and Meta Descriptions that need to be optimized. Screaming frog allows the web owner to crawl websites’ links and further analyze and audit technical SEO. Screaming frog is a free tool that can be downloaded and installed by users, and it can be used on both MAC as well as PC. This is a very important free SEO tool for small business owners running a website.

  1. SimilarWeb:

 SimilarWeb is a tool to look at your website or competitor websites to find traffic sources, top keywords, backlink profiles, and more. It is a freemium tool that can be used for your website or to perform SEO competitive analysis for free for another site related to yours. Similarweb is a free SEO tool that enables you to spy on your competitor and learn where they generate their traffic from as well as what is the engagement of their customers. 

  1. Moz Link Explorer:

 Moz Link Explorer is a free SEO tool that will help you look at your backlink profile or a competitor’s backlink profile.

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